Living with Rottweilers is a wonderful journey. You will feel loved and protected and will fully understand what loyalty is. And even more, you will become very healthy if you actively get involved in working dog breeds sports and Rottweiler dog shows.

But you still may ask yourself: “So, why another Rottweilers website?” Because unlike other Rottweilers websites, Karma’s Rottweilers wants to become the most comprehensive one about this particular dog breed. So with this in mind, let’s get started.

My first encounter with a Rottie was back in 1994. It was a beautiful summer day and, as I was leaving the gym I saw another regular gym member waiting in the parking lot. She had this medium-large, black and mahogany, good looking dog by her side. I didn’t know what breed it was, but I was impressed by his big and strong muscles, his big head and his calmness and confidence.

While approaching them, I noticed two things. His eyes were dark brown, showing an intelligence way above your average dog. He was watching, thinking and assessing me.

Then it was this other thing that I couldn’t put my finger on at first. But as I was getting closer, he stood up from his sit position, and then I realized.

His posture was magnificent, emanating such nobility!

One of my Rottweilers

Prinz Oskar Von Evman

I said hello and the owner told me “Hi Marian! I think he likes you. Here, take this treat and give it to him.” So I did. Thereafter with his nose he pushed my hand. “He wants you to pet him.” I was thrilled and gladly obliged.

I was half way hooked. The other half came few minutes later.

Another regular gym member finished his training session and was leaving. A very nice, young man which always seemed to be in a rush. He knew us but not the dog. He approached us, said hello and quickly stretched his hand out to pet the dog. And then … “Snap!” Luckily, the guy was fast enough to withdraw his hand with just a light scratch on his right thumb.

She explained that I had the right attitude approaching them (by not petting the dog until I got the owner’s approval and useful instructions) but the other guy was coming too fast and strong toward us, so the dog took it as a threat and protected us. US ?!? Wait a minute! I just met the dog!

Few minutes later the other guy was also petting the dog. In that moment I was fully hooked. I wanted a Rottie too.

Almost three and a half years passed by until I got my first Rottie puppy, Arnold Von Tudor. And he was the one that made me fall in love with the breed. How he did it you’ll find it in the About Me page.

For now, please give me the opportunity to tell you what you can expect from KARMA’S ROTTWEILERS website. And if you’d like to have your own input you will be more than welcome to do it.

One of my Rottweilers

Jenecks Maja, 8 weeks old

Information About Rottweilers And Dogs In General

Dogs are wonderful beings. How is it that they came to live with us, humans? So before we go into the Rottweilers breed let’s explore first some general aspects and info about:

Throughout the content of this website one of my goals is to reestablish the GOOD reputation of this breed. For far too long its image was doomed to be a bad one without good reasons. So throughout the pages of my website you’ll find:

  • Methods, strategies and tips about puppies training and adult dogs as well
  • What training equipment is required
  • How to test them for temperament
  • Breed Standard as described by FCI-ADRK, AKC and CKC
  • Breed history, care and health
  • Rottweiler growth chart

You Will Also Meet Our Rottweilers, Past And Present

And as this website will grow you’ll find more and more Rottweiler info and a special, breed specific News page. So come back often.